KSA Actuarial Reserving Workshop – 2024

BADRI in collaboration with مبادرة بوصلة المستقبل organized an Actuarial Reserving Workshop on 2nd May 2024 in Riyadh led by our GM for KSA Hasham Piperdy, FIA. This session provided an introduction to insurance principles, technical reserves, and data checks & reconciliation, offering students the chance to learn and apply how insurance companies calculate their reserves.

Our commitment to professional development and growth extends beyond the confines of this workshop. Through ongoing initiatives such as the internship, scholarship and trainee programs, BADRI nurtures a culture of continuous learning and growth, nurturing the next generation of actuarial leaders and innovators. We extend our gratitude to our team, Faisal Khattak, Amjaad Alqahtani, and Mohammad Alsafadi, for their invaluable contributions to this event and to the attendees for their enthusiastic participation!