Badri Management Consultancy conducted an Actuarial Reserving Workshop (“Workshop”) at Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh on November 12th – 13th, 2018. The Workshop targeted actuarial employees at the initial stages of their careers in Saudi Arabia. This was done in partnership with DATC, our strategic partners in the Kingdom.

The Workshop started with an opening address by Mr. Sulaiman BinMayouf, MD & General Manager of DATC. Thereafter, Mr. Faizan Amlani, Manager Actuarial at Badri, presented on basic reserving for general insurance. The Workshop was hands on as throughout the first day, attendees worked on the application of data checks and resolution of data issues within the provided sample dataset. Second day of the Workshop focused on the application of basic reserving methodologies, on the sample dataset. Towards the end of the Workshop, Mr. Hatim Maskawala, MD of Badri, presented on the nuances of reserving, as well as the proprietary reserving models used by Badri.

Approximately thirty actuarial employees attended the Workshop on both days. Throughout both days, the attendees were very interactive and asked insightful questions. Their participation was essential to the success of this Workshop. Further, Mr. Faizan Amlani, Mr. Hatim Maskawala and Mr. Ali Bhuriwala, ED of Badri, assisted attendees on a one-to-one basis as they applied their learnings to the sample data, throughout the Workshop. At the end of the Workshop, attendees had the opportunity to provide their feedback to the organizers and presenters. Certificates and plaques were also presented to attendees to appreciate their attendance and participation.