Communication - We speak the language of the business

Communication - We speak the language of the business

The two words 'information' and 'communication' are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through.

Any analysis, report, presentation, etc. is nothing but a futile compilation of alpha numeric characters if it fails to knock the nail on the head as far as communicating the point across to the intended recipient is concerned.

We at Badri Consultancy have the nous of insurance business from the periphery to its core, and hence can interact vertically and horizontally with each and every stakeholder. We are aware that across the hierarchy the needs and attention to detail required varies. A report fit for the Head of Sales will not suit the purpose for the CEO.

Hence not only do we firstly speak the language of the business, but more importantly, we provide adequate information that is aptly communicated at each level in order to facilitate an informed decision strategy that fosters the growth of the company.

Practicality - We will only advise what we can implement

Practicality - We will only advise what we can implement

Consultants are notorious for churning out reports that are theoretically rich but practically poor, hence just gather dust in the filing cabinets instead of benefiting the organization as they are realistically impossible to adopt.

The approach we at Badri Consultancy embrace is to impart advise that is aligned to the organizations needs and adheres to industry best practices; the implementation of which is within the realms of possibility. We firmly believe in partnerships and crossing the finishing line together. Hence our work doesn't culminate with the submission of our report, we roll up our sleeves and step into the fracas with the client to make sure the implementation of our reports/advise is achieved seamlessly for the ultimate benefit of the company.

In meetings philosophy might work, on the field practicality works.

Profit Optimization - At the end of the day its all about bottom line

Profit Optimization - At the end of the day its all about bottom line.

Any business operation can be condensed into three P words: People, Products, and Profits.

While the first two are also equally important, and indeed it is the efficiency of the people coupled with the attractiveness/success of the products that will lead to profits, it is the Bottom Line that draws the most critique from all quarters.

Our advise to clients is centred around the basic objective of how to optimize their profits, without compromising on integrity or work ethics. We strive to find ways where the company can make or save that extra few cents that contributes towards shoring up the bottom line for the shareholders.

Be it through our advisory, or the tools that we help implement, our key focus is always having an eye on profits, and we take pride in labelling ourselves Profit Optimization Partners for our valued clientele.